$fate <@mention>: Describes the trend between you and the mentioned user. $top #1500. Cookie Notice Kakera server ladder, showing total earned kakera as well as current kakera. Make sure you have an imgur account before using this tutorial. This will refund all the kakera this user invested in kakera badges (kakera badge levels will drop to 0). $allow to remove a denied command for a role (undo). The next thing I recommend is to join the support community of Mudae bot. Adding the Mudae bot to your server is similar to adding other discord bots on the server. To change your profile picture, you must first execute the following commands. Photos of real life figurines or merchandise are not allowed. Use $channelallow to enable them again (undo). This will show you all the things that you can do using the Mudae bot. Minimum time between two transfers of the same character: 30 days. If you want to change your profile picture with your collected characters, you must first perform the following commands. So this command should be used if you are only interested in collecting waifus for your collection. Mudae, one of the most popular Discord entertainment bots, is used by over 3 million users. 8. Add a custom image for an existing character. $randomimg 3: Images are only random for your rolls of CLAIMED characters. This influenced the decision to host images on a private website instead. Sun Baby is also an exception to the IRL rule. A higher number means already claimed characters will spawn less often. $fnsl: Find a note in your Soulmate list. $cleanuser: (admin) Reset harem and wishes from a user. Partially translated in Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese. Roll a claimed character with a kakera reaction. The following can be considered to be used in an official context: art used as a thumbnail, banner, social media avatar, or stream schedule. An instance is the same as a new server: use this command to make a fresh start of Mudae on some channels of your server. $pokeprofile: Choose the Pokmon to display on your $profile. $husbando: Random husbando. The only difference here is that this command will only roll for waifus and not husbandos. Make and customize your own collection bound to the Discord server you are playing on: compete with your friends to get the best unique collection! $topserv nbr: ($ts nbr) Server ladder for the number of claimed characters. To add custom images, use $ai; to allow others in your server to add custom images for their own characters, use $setpermission addimg charowner. $imq! Unlock the full potential of your character and earn more rewards! This command can be overridden with individual users' $limroul. In order to claim a character, you just have to react to that character with an emoji. $customcd , $cdspe1 , $cdspe2 . Solution 3: Modify Discord Settings. $im [character name] In order to view a particular character from your harem, you can use the $im command followed by the name of the character to view their image along with their basic info like their name, which anime or game they are from, how much kakera that particular character is worth, as well as how many times they have been claimed and how many likes they have gained. $fnall: Find notes in all harems of the server. They may not exceed 15 MB.[2]. This also lets you control the appearance of whether gifs and custom images appear during your rolls. Turn-based word game inspired by bombparty. Mudae. $randomimg cust 1: Custom images are never displayed when you roll. This will force the divorce of an owned character (without giving kakera to the owner). Example: $im Rem. Invite. This feature of Mudae Bot is popularly known as the infamous waifu gacha. Decrease (or increase if server premium) the number of rolls for the whole server. Make and customize your own collection bound to the Discord server you are playing on: compete with your friends to get the best unique collection! Get the Discord role ID by enabling the developer mode in your Discord settings (appearance), then right click on the role name. Hide the emoji indicating a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi). The commands are as followsAdding a custom character$addcustom name $(gender) $(type of rolls) $(Imgur Link)Example: $addcustom Francis Thomson $m $game $https://imgur.com/B15fs4rAdding an image to an existing character$ai name of an existing character $imgur linkExample: $ai Ruka $https://imgur.com/HFAV6nb*Notes: The examples contain links from my imgur account for the purpose of the tutorial. The character cannot be claimed yet on the receiving server. You can use the following commands to add images for characters or vote in current polls. The receiving server must have invited Mudae for the first time within one month. Custom images are not subject to any of the rules listed here; these rules only apply to the official pictures for each character. To remove, use $ni $ : Answers to your yes or no questions. Mudae is a Discord server that is both anime and video game-related. Note: the character is also placed at the first position of your harem (you can change the position afterwards). $fullresetdisable: clean the disabled lists of all users. ContentsWhat Does Mudae Bot Do?Mudae Bot It also shows if you can claim a character at the moment or not. When your list reaches at least 5 characters, you unlock the $daily command to stack a free rolls reset (usable every 20 hours). $toggleclaimrank: (MOD) Disable claim ranks for your server. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. $setpermission kakerarefund charowner => users can use $kakerarefund for themselves. Launch Discord and log in. $topserv: ($ts) Server ladder for the sum of the 15 first claim ranked characters by claims. Even all of the anime and video games which are added in the Mudae Bot also have their own descriptions as well as what characters from that particular anime or game is available to claim through the Mudae Bot. Find notes written using the $note command. When images are hosted on Imgur, submitters ultimately have control over the image, and may choose to delete the image from their account at a later date. React with before 30s. if you want to return the list instead of one series. $tuarrange: Customize the informations displayed with $timersup. Mudae items in the third tier are randomly assigned a value of 10. and our We appreciate the Mudae Bot Team for such great documentation and support and all the credits belong to them. $togglekakerasnipe: $togglesnipe for kakera. Submitting new pictures is done using the Muda-02, a private bot specific to the Mudae server. $lang: Change language (en, fr, pt-br, es or de). $changeimg: Change the main image of a character. 6. $quizrank: Global ladder for the $quiz game. This command will give you the amount of kakera you have on another server (after conversion of the badges and towers) as well as your kakeraloot stuff (refunded if you already have loots on the new server). $likepos : insert a character at a specific position (and move down others). Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! It doesn't bypass the commands $togglehentai, $togglehorror or $serverdisable. Solution 5: Turn off Windows Defender Firewall. To change your harem picture in Mudae, go to your settings tab and click on the "Harem" option. Add a custom character for your server (1000 max). DMs an embed with a command list (just like this article). $thanosall scrap: Divorce half of the harem of each player in the server; divorced characters give their kakera value to the server kakera scraps. ), Any crotch bulges should not feature discernable genitalia (penis/testicle outline) and should not be gratuitously large. Required fields are marked *. ($a), $fullresetalias2: remove all the custom secondary aliases. It is a great way to make new friends and exchange ideas. Rainbow 2px borders and other meme borders have been banned only on main images since new players get confused by them. Solution 4: Adjust Local Network Settings. $thanosallfm: Divorce half of the harem of everyone in your server while not affecting the character placed at the first position of their harem. To allow more channels, use the same syntax again in those channels. A user can only claim a single character in a certain amount of time after which they have to wait for the cooldown to finish to claim again. This is a list of the commands used by Mudae. If you change the prefix and then forget it, $prefix will always work. $timersup: Timers merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku). Unlocked with $kt. r (claim ranks), r- (claim ranks not sorted), l (like ranks), l- (like ranks not sorted), k (kakera value), k= (kakera sorted), k- (kakera base value), y (keys only), y= (keys sorted), y+ (with full harem), y- (without keys), y!, y!=, y!+, y!- (soulkeys), c (embedcolored), c+ (with full harem), c- (without embedcolor), t (type of rolls), m (main names), d (img/alias details), v (hide details such as notes), n (not noted), n+ (noted only), u (unclaimed), o (owner names), o= (owned only), o- (not owned by you), o+ (owned by you), x (disabled), x+ (with full harem), x- (not disabled). Mudae offers hundreds of commands ranging from original multiplayer games to random anime quotes. Pics successfully added belong to the database of Mudae: you can't remove or use them without asking for permission. Define the number of different characters you can roll in each roulette (by disabling the less popular characters). The receiving server must have invited Mudae for the first time during the last 30 days. Follow on Twitter: @Mudaebot When images are hosted on Imgur, submitters ultimately have control over the image, and may choose to delete the image from their account at a later date. ), No implied lewd acts (GIF of a girl seemingly in the act, very implicit sexual position + expression, etc. $vs: Add a customized sentence when the character wins. $imaq! How to Submit a Character Picture to the Mudae World. Table of Contents. Multiple occurrences of submitters deleting all the content from their account led to images disappearing from the bot. From . The List that is mentioned below is well maintained and documented by the Mudae Bot Team. Go to Mudae r/Mudae by . $toggleclaimrolls: (admin) Display or not claim ranks during rolls. This command is for a fresh start on a new server. You can also specify a bundle of commands. $colorsl: Change the embed color (side line) of your $sl. The list which will have the most popular points with the 15 wides will be the most popular on the server.